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Gautamee is pleased to undertake foundation work and provide solutions for the smallest plot of houses to the tallest apartment blocks.

We pride ourselves on being versatile within this market as we are able to work with the medium-sized builder on his housing project to the multi-million rupee property developers while ensuring a consistently high standard of service for both clients.

We have carried out a variety of contracts such as mini piling and land remediation for projects like this and are pleased to continually undertake residential contracts of any size. Previous projects include Ackruti Sunmist, Ackruti Sunstone, Kohinoor - Kurla, Supreme Samruddhi.

Retail & Commercial

Gautamee has extensive experience in providing foundations for a wide variety of commercial projects including major office and retail developments, warehouses and superstores and appreciates the importance of achieving fast track programs so that project value can be realized quickly. Our wide range of in-house techniques and services enables selection of the most appropriate and efficient methodology for each job.

Gautamee is also pleased to work with property developers as principal contractor to undertake all their ground engineering work. We believe this to be beneficial, as appointing one contractor to handle all substructure packages can reduce the risk factor. It means completed groundwork can be handed over to a building contractor, ready for construction works to begin without any potential risk to the client.

Gautamee involvement in Mumbai landmarks includes Peninsula Corporate Park, Kohinoor Square, Oberoi - Oasis. Elsewhere within the India, we have completed a wide variety of works for commercial developments including: ICICI Bank Tower: Hyderabad.


Hospitality projects - hotels, theatres, cinemas - are often conceived on a large scale. The resulting demands on excavation support and foundation works are wide ranging, not only in terms of specialist planning and design, but also the capacity to apply multiple techniques, often simultaneously.

With large scale projects, such as those found typically within the hospitality sector for large public amenities, Gautamee applies engineering and planning expertise to review proposed works programs in order to establish whether alternative, more cost effective techniques can be applied to achieve the required solution.

Being often one of the first contractors on site, Gautamee is mindful that delays in it's work schedules can have an increasingly negative knock-on effect. Its enviable reputation for on time delivery stems from close involvement of Gautamee engineers during the early planning stages, expert risk analysis and management, early site review for accessibility planning, a wide range of flesible, in-house plant and equipment and depth of capabilities, skills and experience.


Heavy and specific load bearing requirements is the key to understanding industrial projects, with specialist installations such as refineries and power stations requiring careful attention to the risks of environmental disturbance.

Within an industrial environment, foundation works need to be able to cope not only with specific heavy loads, but also complex load combinations and stresses - for example, turbines and robotics.

In many cases, expansions and enhancements can be required alongside existing infrastructures. Techniques used need to take this into account in terms of access requirements, environmental disturbance and vibration, and in terms of the generation and disposal of spoil.

Contamination can often be an issue, with special works required to isolate ground water flows in order to prevent pollution leakage. As environmental concerns become an ever more important issue, our ability to deliver good practice in minimizing environmental impact is often a key benchmark.


When it comes to road and rail infrastructure, minimizing disruption, working within strict possession parameters and close attention to health and safety are all of key concern. Thanks to its distinguished track record in these areas Gautamee is one of the most sought after specialist contractors for large scale transport infrastructure projects.

The sheer scale of transport infrastructure projects combined with the difficulties of location means that health and safety regulations must be rigorously applied, with planning, training and the implementation of preventative measures key to reducing the number of incidents.

As developments are often under construction close to or near environmentally sensitive sites, Gautamee is mindful of the need to minimize noise, vibration and dust.

Successful completion of transport sector projects relies on contractors adhering to tight schedules. Gautamee's reputation for high quality on time delivery stems from disciplined processes covering: close involvement of Gautamee engineers during the early planning stages, expert risk analysis and management, early site review for accessibility planning, a wide range of flexible, in-house plant and equipment and depth of capabilities, skills and experience.