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Foundation Package

The Design Department of Gautamee comprises of highly qualified Engineers with many years of experience in geotechnical and structural designs for deep foundations, deep excavation support systems and retaining walls, ground anchorage and soil nailing, ground improvement, as well as site supervision of deep foundation construction.

Equipped with state-of-the-art geotechnical and structural engineering design software packages, the department offers innovative and progressive designs, which result in highly competitive and practical solutions for our clients. Members of the department have been involved in the development and application of novel restraint systems for deep basement structures, as alternatives to conventional methods for both temporary and permanent works.

The design department supports all divisions of Gautamee with high quality designs and advice in the following areas:

  • Pile Foundations.
  • Deep Excavation Supports/Earth Retention Systems (Contiguous Pile Walls, Secant Pile Walls, etc.).
  • Ground Anchorage (Tie-Back Anchors, Uplift Anchors, etc.).
  • Soil Nailing.
  • Ground Improvement Schemes.
  • Ground Stabilisation Schemes.

Gautamee offer both 'design and construct' and 'construct only' pile foundation packages for a range of schemes.

Typical Cast In situ House Foundation Package:

  • Soil Investigation.
  • Design pile layouts based upon Architects drawings.
  • Install piles, steel tube or CFA.
  • Excavate to underside of blinding level.
  • Trim piles to required cut off levels. Expose reinforcement or backfill steel tubes.
  • Place and fix reinforcing cages in and around piles.
  • Backfill in and around beams to top of concrete level.
  • Pile Shoring with Rock Anchors Couple with Waler Beam Steel Fabrication.

Site is left in a condition ready for construction.