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Shotcrete / Gunneting

Gautamee in-house specialist Shotcreting teams are the market leaders in all aspects of civil construction shotcrete application and architectural finishes. Our passionate teams are committed to high quality, industry leading shotcrete projects of all sizes throughout India. Shotcrete projects we can deliver include:

  • Retaining/shoring Walls
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Road and Rail Embankments
  • Mine box cuts, portals, high walls
  • Mine & Tunnel underground roof support
  • Dam spillways
  • Detention tanks
  • Sea walls
  • In Ground Drain Channels and Culverts
  • Wet and Dry Shotcrete hand sprayed
  • Swimming Pools
  • Ponds and Water Features
  • Simulated rock and block finishes/Mock Rock


Rail Cuttings
Basement Walls
Swimming Pool
Drain/Culvert Lining
Dams & Dam Spillways
Building Repair
Final Pile Shoring