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Founded in 1989 by our Chairman Rajendra Jani, Gautamee has grown steadily over the past 25 years to become one of the India's most valued independent ground-engineering contractor. We specialize in the design and installation of Rotary Pile, Micropile, Underreamed Pile, Rock Drilling (DTHH), Pre-stressed Rock Anchors, Self Driven Anchors, Earth Retention, Ground Improvement, and Testing & Analysis on projects throughout India.

While our heritage spans four decades, we are an innovative company, continually improving and investing to the benefit of our company, our employees, our customers, our community and the environment. This achievement is reflected in the amount of repeat business we win and the number of projects we undertake for clients to whom we have been recommended. Many of our competitors have diversified over the years however; we have made the decision to concentrate on where our experience and expertise lie and to remain true specialist contractors, only diversifying within the geotechnical sector.


To focus on delivering value solutions supported by immense knowledge and a professional service, working in partnership with our clients to deliver projects on time and within budget whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and honesty in all our business relationships.


To be the first stop for all solutions regarding ground engineering techniques.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gautamee is committed to a positive Management System that recognizes the importance of Safety, Environmental and Quality issues. A safe, and healthy and effective working environment requires the formation and implementation of clearly defined procedures and initiatives.

We have therefore established a hierarchy of control that defines responsibilities to achieve the overall responsibilities to achieve the overall objectives of our Management Systems - that is the creation of a positive Safety, Environmental and Quality culture through control, co-operation, communication and competence.

Whilst the ultimate responsibility for Safety, Quality and Environmental issues is borne by the Chief Executive, we are of the view that each employee must recognize and carry their individual responsibilities. This is especially relevant to the lower levels of site management who control and direct the workforce on a daily basis. Induction courses, toolbox talks, training databases and improvement groups are all used to ensure that requirements are communicated to all involved.

Contract Plans are utilized for each project that we carry out to ensure that Quality, Environmental and Safety issues are identified, communicated and applied. These Plans are monitored during the execution of the works and closed out upon completion.

Gautamee is committed to operating in accordance with the highest standards in terms of labor practices, human rights, and impacts on society and product responsibility. We ensure at many of our sites to utilize local offerings such as workforce. We believe in giving back to the community.

We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to our stakeholders. The long-term success of our business depends on our achieving this whilst continuing to deliver profit through our expertise.

Health and Safety

At Gautamee, we believe employees are the foundation of our business and safety is mandatory at our site. It is our responsibility to ensure that every person who works at our site returns home safely. Our all employees receive training as part of this program, which is also extended to sub contractors and partner organisations. As we strive for zero incident performance, the following principles provide framework:

  • Management Commitment
  • Appropriate Training
  • System that couple operations and health & safety
  • Allotment of sufficient resources
  • Active employee involvement

Environmental Policy

Gautamee recognizes the need to protect the environment and minimize the environmental impact of its activities.

We believe that there are sound business reasons for being a "good neighbor" and that by introducing an Environmental Management System and taking a positive approach to environmental issues we can enhance the reputation of our construction projects and the industry in general.

We work collaboratively with our customers, partners, supply chain and local communities to achieve environmentally sustainable solutions. We ensure that we operate our business in accordance with sound environmental management practices in order to preserve and where possible, enhance the quality of environment.


Quality Policy

Gautamee recognize the importance of meeting our client's requirements in relation to quality of product, program and value for money, as well as the need to continually improving our performance all with the aim of enhancing client satisfaction.

Gautamee realize that in a demanding and challenging marketplace we will only satisfy customer requirements by investing in the best people, plant, processes and technology to fulfill our own high performance expectations when it comes to delivering quality in all areas of product range, manufacturing standards, operations and service.


Gautamee will deliver, manage and own sustainable infrastructure that helps communities and individuals live within environmental limits. We will build on our heritage to lead the sector in providing our customers with a combination of innovative solutions and engineering excellence that lasts, all in accordance with our ethical framework.

We are committed to responding to the sustainability challenge and will achieve by innovation in the design, construction and management of assets. We will strive to go beyond customer expectations to help them exceed their goals. We will take a long-term perspective across our business operations and the assets we provide, own and manage, including the challenge of adapting to climate change.


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We are always looking for the best people in the industry, so if you want to work for an innovative, market leading company then please email us with a full CV, salary information and details of the career you are interested in.

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